Why I go to Celebration

rainbow_church1People of all religious faiths are welcome here. We do not believe in drawing a line in the sand between religions or denominations. We have found God is our common denominator, and that we love God and each other enough to worship together.

I go to Celebration because I know Trevor will hug me and show me his latest drawing, and Sarita will smile shyly and show me her sparkly shoes. Kellar will look handsome and tell me his latest high school adventure and Julie and Sherry’s kids will come in my office and hug me, and all is well with the world. These kids and the others here as well know they are loved tremendously.

I go to Celebration because I will hear singing that touches my soul. Some songs will be songs of my childhood, and other songs are new to me, but I know they are lifted in praise to God. I go to Celebration because Cory’s smile always makes me smile.

I go to Celebration because this is my church family. We are related. We are here together on a shared journey to find God in our lives and to take that God into the lives of others. We don’t all look the same. Some of us are young; some of us are not. Some of us have tattoos and body piercings, and others of us would not be caught dead with those. But… we are family. And we can worship and laugh and sing and cry together. We are all part of the body.

I go to Celebration because the Praise Team goes to the trouble to be there early to enhance my worship experience… and they always do. Our choir is so wonderful and so loving. I go to Celebration because of a love of God and I have found a joy in worshipping with this family. I go to Celebration because we offer communion at every service and there is room at the table for everyone in the room… always. I hope I share some of these reasons with each of you and together we make up the family that is Celebration.

Come Home to Celebration.