Tom Long


Communications / Grounds / Maintenance

– I was raised in Tennessee and lived there for twenty years. During that time I went to school and worked on my uncle’s farm until old enough to go to work. In April of 1976 I went to work for a local lumber company until December of 1977 when I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where I resided for twenty one years. For nineteen years I worked in construction throughout the state.  In 1996 I changed careers and went to work for AT&T Wireless and was relocated to Fort Worth.  In 2003 I was laid off and became self employed for several years. In July of 2006 I came on board here at Celebration Community Church and learned very quickly that there’s never a dull moment around the church office. We have a great staff and a wonderful leader in Rev. West. It is especially exciting during times of special events such as Holy Week, Celebrate Golf, Southern Gospel and Advent.

My first visit to Celebration was in September, 1998 and I became a member on Easter Sunday of 1999. I’ve been blessed to work for Celebration and I truly believe this is where God has led me to be.

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