Karen Bowen


Several years ago I ran into Rev. West and she told me about her new church in Fort Worth, and invited me to come visit.  That was in 1998 and I have never looked back.  What I found was a church home, a community of believers and a faith family.  On a more personal note, I found a renewed commitment to my own faith journey and God’s call to service.  I often say that I came to Celebration thinking I knew a few things, and once I was here, some gentle and loving people began to teach me all the things I really needed to know.  I have grown up at Celebration; my father has been welcomed, my mother laid to rest and my true love discovered.  I have had the privilege of participating in worship and serving on the Board of Directors.  I have made wonderful friends, and I have witnessed great things.  Although we have grown and many we love are no longer with us, our message has remained the same, “God loves all of us and we are all welcome”.  I sometimes see folks that have been away for a while and they tell me they will see me soon.  I always smile and say, “come on back, we are always here”.  We stand on the shoulders of the faithful who have come before us, we stand on Holy ground.