We are a non-denominational Christian congregation of 600 plus members located in the heart of Fort Worth’s hospital district and our backgrounds are varied and diverse. Our congregation consists of people who come from over forty different religious backgrounds, and we have found that people from diverse religions can indeed worship together in unity. We are an independent, all inclusive church and welcome all people here at Celebration.

Cross WindowCelebration Community Church was begun on January 10, 1993 as a satellite of White Rock Community Church in Dallas. After a short time, the church began operating as an independent group and had a small group worshipping and having Bible Study each week.

In August of 1998 Reverend Carol West was called by the 35 person congregation to serve as the full time pastor of Celebration Community Church. John Rhodes, a member, volunteered to help Rev. West in the office. Together, they served as the entire staff at Celebration. Rev. West has frequently stated she never would have survived leading the church in those early years had it not been for the assistance of John Rhodes, who served as the Church Administrator.

Church Front EntranceLed by Rev. West and an amazing Board of Directors, the church seemed to blossom. Programming was expanded to include a wide variety of activities and ministries. As word spread about Celebration, people bought their friends and family to church. The congregation voted to purchase the building. To make sure finances were sound enough and where they should be, Rev. West entered a 10K for 50K Run with a goal of raising 50 thousand dollars as a down payment. All eyes were aimed at the finish line, and we are quite proud of saying we did not make our goal. We did not raise 50 thousand dollars—we raised 102 thousand dollars in this fundraiser! The building was purchased, and a wonderful dedication ceremony was held with congregants who originally worshiped in this building and members of the United Church of Christ. Celebration was finally home!

The Rev. Carol A. West Community Center
Celebration has grown in membership, land and building space. A fourplex adjoining our property was purchased by members of our congregation, and it was subsequently donated to the church. Thanks to the wonderful assistance of THE BLACK TIE, the house was refurbished and now is the proud home of Barron House Counseling Center. Our outreach led us to plant a satellite church in Gun Barrel City, Celebration on the Lake, which is still a vibrant and robust church in East Texas.

We have expanded our current facilities. The Rev. Carol A. West Community Center is a state-of-the-art building that can accommodate our congregation for church dinners and other sorts of events, while being available to our community for various meetings and functions. In addition, we continue to expand our activities and ministries. Celebration continues to be an active and growing presence in the Fort Worth area.