Community Center Campaign

Reaching Out to Our Community


Celebration Community Church has a dream:
To build a community center for all people.
Be part of the dream.



Message from the CCC Board of Directors

The design of the new Rev. Carol A. West Community Center was created by architect Tom Guerin. The design concept you see here was created after Tom met with us and asked why we wanted to expand the fellowship hall.

The primary reason is to provide a comfortable space for our growing church family to be together for meals, programs and special events. Secondary is to provide multiple meeting spaces for the many groups that use our facility each week, and also to provide a larger, more attractive space for wedding receptions and other events.

We also believe it is important that our facility projects the proper image, one that demonstrates the many ways in which Celebration Community Church is a vital force in our community.

The architect heard us repeatedly talk about our desire to reach out to our community, so the design we have is a building that is — physically and metaphorically — reaching out to the Tarrant County community. We are excited about the state-of-the-art design and the endless functionality that this new space will afford us.

Help us continue to do God’s work

Thirty-seven is not a huge number when one is counting people. In 1998, all thirty-seven members of the five-year-old Celebration Community Church took a huge step in faith and rented the wonderful church building we now call home. It more than met their needs, and their collective dream was to own the building.

Dreams really do come true. Together, through prayer and hard work, the building was purchased and a true church home was created for this family known as Celebration. Ministry here at Celebration is alive and active, and our outreach continues to grow and is ever-expanding.

What comfortably serves thirty- seven people does not always adequately do the job forever. Our ministries have more than filled up our fellowship hall on most nights of the week. (It's a great problem to have.) We are indeed the hub of this community.

Help us continue to do what God has called us to do — to reach out in love. Together, and with God’s help, we can do this. Prayers — and dreams — really do come true.


CCC Board of Directors

Ron Hill, Chair
Susan Siegmund, Treasurer
Kevin Neal, Clerk
Laura Davis
Joni Eddy
Kathy Ferguson
Patricia Flynt
Rev. Carol A. West

Advisory Board

Karen Bowen
Pam Ibbotson
Mitzi Lemons
Joann Peters
John Rhodes
Liz Rodriguez

Capital Campaign Committee

Jerry Beauchamp
Yolanda Cuevas
Amanda Dail
Joni Eddy
Judy Harnsberger
Ron Hill
Alwilda Karnes
Angela King
Hector Mata
Kevin Neal
Joann Peters
Susan Siegmund

Building Committee

Ron Hill
Pam Ibbotson
Patricia Flynt
Jim Gist
Mitzi Lemons
Joel Purdy

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